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You will find answers to about renting a vehicle from Zante Way Rentals. Please feel free to contact us if you don't get your question's answer in below.

EU Nationals must hold a valid driving licence which they have held for a minimum of 6 months. Non-EU nationals must hold a valid national driving licence for a minimum of 6 months but must also have an international driving licence. We will need sight of your original driving licence(s).

A 30% deposit will be required in order to secure your booking. The outstanding balance will be paid upon delivery of your car. Your credit card number will be kept for guarantee. The reservation will be confirmed through a reply e-mail. All payments are processed in Greece by Zanteway Rentals.

As soon as you are aware that your flight is cancelled or delayed please contact us by one of the following methods:
  • Office 0030 26950 29243
  • Alkisti Mob 0030 695 5177 779 (Call or text)
  • Alkisti Mob 0030 695 5177 779 (Call or text)
  • Email [email protected]
If your flight is delayed or cancelled and you contact us to let us know, we will endeavour to reorganise your booking.

In the event of cancelling your booking15 days or more prior to your arrival date, no cancellation penalties will be incurred and any deposit paid will be refunded. Any cancellations made less than 15 days prior to arrival date, a penalty charge equivalent to your 30% deposit will be incurred. You will be charged 100% of the booking value if:
  • you do not arrive at the agreed or reorganised time
  • if you do not show at all
  • if you fail to provide the required documentation

If any fines or tickets are incurred due to violation of Greek Traffic Law during the rental period, the renter is 100% liable and all penalties must be paid.

Please refer to our online booking system for delivery/collection charges.

If you breakdown please remain at the location and contact us immediately on one of the following numbers:
  • Office 0030 26950 29243
  • Alkisti Mob 0030 695 5177 779
We are available 24 hours a day and will get to you as soon as we possibly can.

If you have an accident, please remain at the scene of the incident and call us immediately on one of the following numbers and if necessary we will contactthe relevant emergency services for you:
  • Office 0030 26950 29243
  • Alkisti Mob 0030 695 5177 779
If anyone is severely injured, please contact the emergency services before calling us. The necessary information and contact details will be provided to you when you receive the vehicle.

No, the vehicle may not be taken off the island under any circumstances.

No, there is no restriction on the number of miles that you can do in our vehicles.

Storage boxes and helmets are included with each rental free of charge.

You must be 21+ in order to rent a vehicle from us.

The vehicle must be returned to us with a minimum of the same amount of fuel that was provided when the vehicle was given to you.

Each rental agreement includes Third Party Only cover free of charge. For an additional charge we can provide you with a Collision Damage Waiver. Please contact us for further information regarding the charges.